New Old Stock Junghans Mega 1 Box And Papers 1991

Junghans were the first company to present a radio controlled watch in 1991.

Set from the atomic clock in Braunschweig, Germany, the Junghans Mega 1 receives its transmissions through the longwave antenna hidden in the leather strap, keeping the watch accurate to one second every million years! The watch comes with the original guarantee and I will supply a complete scan of the original instructions, in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

The watch will pick up time signals anywhere in the UK and Central Europe where it will use the radio signal to keep it as a radio controlled watch, elsewhere in the world it will work as a standard LCD piece.

The build quality of this watch is exactly what you would expect for a German high quality piece, superb 'D' shaped case in ceramic high shine blue/black with Junghans logo in grey, beautiful very large LCD screen showing time and date, on the leather strap with the antenna inside.

Large padded sring loaded blue Jungans box makes up this superb package. (The Mega 1 came in three different boxes, this one, the plastic bow and also a formed card box).

On page 183 of the PD Book.


Size 35x43x10mm deep


Price £475