New Old Stock Lip Mach 2000 2004 Re-Edition

New Old Stock, never been worn, perfect condition.
The Lip Mach 2000 was originally designed by Roger Tallon in 1974 and had a manual wind Valjoux 7734 movement, or in a few cases an early quartz one. There was also a prototype moonphase watch.
This is the 2004 edition which is exactly the same in every way with the original but has a high quality quartz movement. All functions working correctly, the chrono is set and stopped using the yellow and red buttons. Original rubber divers strap. This comes with its original box as well. The inner stand has had a good quality repair done to it, but as these were made of very brittle plastic, it's not surprising! In fact it's stronger now than it ever was.
I've had a few original 70's ones for sale and they fetch around the £1600+ mark. This is the only one I can find for sale anywhere at the moment, either original or re-issue in this sort of condition. Only this one for sale.

Size 48x40x8mm deep


Price £650