Contact/payment details


Payment for the UK is PayPal, , UK cheque, postal orders or Bank draft with goods sent out when the cheque has cleared. Payment from the rest of the world is by PayPal or International bank transfer. For bank transfer please call or mail for details.

Postage - UK

Postage for the UK is 8 for next day delivery for one watch. This includes insurance. Please call or mail for prices for multiple watches.

Postage - rest of the world

Postage for the US is approx $20 as " to be signed for" package. Postage for Europe is approx 12 (£10) euros for "to be signed for" package. For other rates please call or mail. I will always try to send packages in the most secure and economical way possible, wherever you are in the world.


Call - +44 (0)1603 741222 or mail me at the link below.

Mailing list

If you would like to be added to our mailing list which will let you know when new watches are on the site, please send a blank e mail with "subscribe" in the subject line to either of the addresses above. Thanks!


From my fans - what they really think!!

Ken Jacques - College Lecturer
Some trepidation maybe in initially handing over
£1000+ to someone unknown but now I know - this is THE
watch site to deal with! All my email enquiries
answered in less than 24 hours, watch arrived when
Graham said it would, in the condition stated - he
even included setting instructions and a couple of
spare batteries - great site, top service! As 'Arnie'
would say, "I'll be back!"

Nick Crawford, Paisley UK

I'm from Paisley - that officially makes me tighter than a fat man's
- Not only did I buy a £165 watch from Graham (a complete stranger), I
liked it so much that while in London with my fiancee last week I
bought 2 more of the fuckers!
It's great having a stylish timepiece that most people want but have
never even heard of. Unfortunately most of my friends now have his web

Steve Edwards, singer/songwriter(Cassuis/Xpress 2)

"I bought a couple of timepieces from this wonderful site and I have to say, my huge Excellanc German flying watch causes a real stir. I can tell the time from 20 paces and with it's illuminous hands,i'm always on time even when I'm in the dark, which is often..wicked!!"

Tom Pointon

It was with some trepidation I bought my first watch from Graham - who wouldn t feel apprehensive at putting 300 into the bank account of someone you ve only ever exchanged a few e mails with?
I neednt have worried because the watch arrived when Graham said it would and was exactly as described.
I m on my third watch from Graham having also bought from clock and watch fairs as well as another internet site.
Graham has easily the most interesting stock of any UK based dealer. His prices are extremely competitive and I enjoy dealing with a fellow enthusiast, rather than someone whose only concern is their bottom line.
These watches make fabulous accessories, are great conversation pieces and an excellent way to break the ice in social situations. quite a few women in pubs and clubs have grabbed my wrist saying 'Lets see that watch...'
Be warned though, after buying the Doensen book from Graham and seeing all these other wonderful timepieces, what began as a simple appreciation has turned into an addiction...

Howard Pankhurst, Ex smoker who now spends the money saved on watches he can't afford!

I wanted to pass on my thanks re how useful I have found your service and the site.
It is always a bit of a gamble when you are sending a 400 cheque to a stranger !!! but I took the decision to buy from you after speaking to you on the phone. You got back to me promptly when I left a message and you have sent me various emails. Nice service The watch was also posted and arrived when you said ..... therefore I have no hesitation in recommending your site to others Is this email worth a 50% discount of my next purchase!!??

Howard New, writer for Gareth Gates

Bought too many watches from this site- but I keep coming back for more!

Lee Cannon, A+R BMG Publishing

I recently purchased two fantastic watches from this site. They arrived in pristine condition and they are the envy of all my pals. Good site, good products, good service.

Gordy Goudie, Producer Simple Minds

i bought a watch at 70s watches-cos i love time and the time of love is now.

Dean "Ramirez" Marriott, remixer and producer

I work with Graham a lot on recording sessions and the first thing I always notice about him are these fantastic watches he wears. At first I thought they must be really expensive but was more than surprised to find out that they were all reasonably priced (excluding his Brietling of course!) When he offered me one of these watches he was sporting I jumped at the chance. I now have a collection of around 6 watches all from Graham, all totally unique and really stylish. Now it's me who gets asked where my watches come from.

Bob "Tweenie" Golding

To quote a term used in the cult TV classic BULLSEYE ......there's no time like the present, there's no present like the time!!!! Mr Wilsons taste and talent for finding the absolute right watch for you knows no bounds! This man knows his timepieces!

Guy Pratt, bass player to the stars....and no, I didn't make this up...

Before I got my Spaceman, I was only 7 inches tall and had a dick the size of a shitake mushroom that oozed green puss. Now Britney Spears bangs on my door every night insisting that I shove dwarves up her arse! Thanks Mr Wilson!!!

Tim Hubbard, Interior Designer.

I found the site, bought my first Sorna and now have a small collection of amazing individual watches.....price, service and quality is excellent.
As a designer I have to meet clients everyday and on every occasion people ask me about the watch I'm wearing. First impression is vital in my industry and a quality 70's watch helps me create the image I require.

Graeme Clark, bass player "to himself"

After working with Graham on and off for a few years now, I've noticed 2 things- a smart haircut along with a great array of kitsch watches. I own 2 ( Spaceman, Junghans Mega 1), My son Alexander has a ??????? I know I'll never have a smart haircut, but I'll always be on time!!!

Douglas Wilson, his brother!

Graham is a good guy and very nice to his brother...

Justin 'time' Fletcher, (1st purchaser from the time man!)

watch (woch) observe closely;
guard -vi.wait expectantly (for);be
on watch -n. portable timepiece for
wrist, pocket'man n. man guarding building etc.,
esp. at night or Graham Wilson!