We recommend these websites

  1. Vervlogen Jaren - Very cool retro design from Holland
    Design from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's
  2. Gentleman's Fortnightly Gazette 16th June 2003
    Edition of The Gentleman's Fortnightly Gazette (featuring 70s-watches.com). The Gentleman's Fortnightly Gazette featrues Notes on Life, Love, Drink, Debauchery, Fisticuffs and Fine Tailoring provided by the Gentlemen at 'Two Chaps Talking', a bastion of all that is correct in a world where so much is not.
  3. Tech stuff, Music and semi-random abuse
  4. Old School bmx site
    Keeping the oldschool vibe alive 80's style!!!
  5. M.A.D.-design - Modern Art & Decoration
    M.A.D.-design, 20th century Modern Design, Furniture and Decorative Arts
  6. Original 70's design store
    Original Design, your webshop for original 70's design
  7. Pop Bitch like 70s watches!
    Pop Bitch -need I say more?
  8. Radio.Weblogs.Com
  9. Stuffed Art for the Quirky Collector
    Stuffed Art for the Quirky Collector
  10. The Lounge woonsjop
    Mid century design at nice prices!!
  11. Bogus T-Shirts. Some of the most amusing t shirts around
    Bogus T shirts The underground UK label that has ripped it up since 99. Sometimes edgy, sometimes rude - always beautifully designed and printed.
  12. thingsmagazine.net: featuring my site
    thingsmagazine.net: daily links, photos and new writing about objects
  13. The Modern
    Check out this great new band, one of the best web sites I've seen in a while!
  14. The Big White House
    Tom and Darrons mega pad- as seen on Ch4's Grand Designs.....
  15. CampBarbara.co.uk
    Frankies excellent mid-century furniture and design site- well worth a visit!!
  16. funky-new-watches.com
    My other web site with all the rare and wonderful new watches from the US and Japan- and even Europe!!
  17. inside
    A great furniture web site based in Clapham, London, my home turf...
  18. fears and khan
    What a super selection of mid century design, nice looking web site as well...
  19. Rune Grammofon
    The Norwegian record label that spawned some of the best bands in Europe at the moment, Supersilent, Food, Phonophani and Arve Henriksen....
  20. Gemm
    Every record, CD or 12", you'll ever want or had forgotten about is here on this massive database of second hand shops....superb!!
  21. ECM
    The label that has given us some of the best modern European "jazz and "classical" recordings of the last 30 years...
  22. Arto Lindsay
    One of the originators of the New York Noise scene in the 80's, Arto has developed his Brazilian roots into an extremely unique crossover- Rio meets New York...
  23. 20th Century Marks
    This is a wonderful web site, full of mid century design surprises, based justoutside London...
  24. Vinicius Cantuaria
    One of my favourite guitarist an songwriters, a huge star in his native Brazil, now recording in new York and a frequent visitor to our shores here in Blighty, You've just got to listen to this man...
  25. Sounds 323
    Mark Wastells temple to the world of sound, some of the best and also some of the strangest records available to the paying public without a prescription- and he's based in London!!
  26. andrewharrold.com
    This is a super site filled with beautiful pieces of modern design for the home and better still Andy is an old mate of mine from the band days in Glasgow....anyone remember Fruits of Passion...guess who the drummer was- no!! not me....
  27. Sybarite Architects
    A site for a group of young architects based in London, amazing designs that have got to be seen!
  28. Ian Melrose Motorcycles
    You need a classic bike but don't know how to source it? Well, now you do!
  29. Sparks -The Band
    A nice site that keeps you up to date with all the new info on this incredibly influential band- the latest CD "Lil Beethoven" is a bit of a minor masterpiece.
  30. The Rasterbator
    Blast your original artwork into a thousand pieces and make it big enough to fill a whole wall!! If you haven't Rasterbated yet- your first time won't be your last time!
  31. ftdzign
    Another fantastic modern design site with some truly unique pieces for sale.
  32. plastiphile.com
    The brand new space age design portal based in Oz.
  33. theyoyobazaar.co.uk
    UK specialists in fine vintage clothing.
  34. pimpcostumes.com
    Hey, pimpin' ain't easy-but it does get better if ya buy yer costume from this fab site!
  35. seventies.co.uk
    Another super UK site Specialising in BMX bikes and repairs...
  36. immortalsole.co.uk
    The perfect Place to buy yer Old Skool trainers and much more!!
  37. luna-online
    Nice shop in Nottingham for all your retro needs, definitely worth a look!
  38. horloge.pagina.nl/
    Henriks site with lots of watch info...
  39. jailhouse frock
    Super vintage clothes and great homeware
  40. furniture-love
    No, not a "specialist" Dutch site but another great portal for checking out all the super 20th Century furniture designers...
  41. watchworx
    Specialist uk supplier of quality Vintage, Retro & Military leather watch straps and watchstrap accessories including Nato G10 ballistic nylon. Postage is free to all UK post codes.
  42. benwilsondesign
    I love this guys chairs-very cool!!....and check out the bike and trike, deffinitely worth the web-trip!!!
  43. High Street Retro
    One of my favourite shops, always great furniture and glass and alsways superb prices...check out the web site or even the shop if you're ever down in Hastings-magic!!!