The All-New Nixie Digital Clock 2013 With New Features!!

We've just returned with an all-new Nixie Digital clock for 2013...

Nixies were the forerunners of LEDs, they consist of a metal filament inside the tube which is layered 0-9 and lights up as needed on each tube to tell the time in either 12hr or 24hr- your choice. The numerals are in a gorgeous orange that really do stand out across a room without being obtrusive.

Now, what's been added this year is a choice of 4 settings for the base of the tubes, no light or either red, blue or purple, giving off a beautiful glow.

The cases are hand made of high quality resin and finished off with a metal grille at the front. The Nixies are made in very small quantities and can be supplied with adapters for power in the UK,US and Europe, just let me know when ordering.

These clocks really are amazing and special....

Size 182mm long x 75mm high x 75mm deep


Price £280