Girard Perregaux 'Casquette'LED 1976 Box And Papers- Complete!!

The Girard Perregaux LED Model 9934 was first launched in January 1976. 2200 were made but probably only a small percentage of these were actually sold, making this one of the rarest LEDs for collectors to own.
What makes this watch especially significant is the fact that GP as a high end watchmaker didn’t buy in any of the components for the watch, everything, from the case to the circuitry was designed and made only for this piece. This was the only LED unit to use aged crystals, which makes the watch one of the most accurate of LEDs even to this day. The watch runs on two readily available 357 batteries which are relatively easy to change. As with all LEDs, the guidelines in the instructions are that if you press the display 20 times a day, the batteries will last a full year.
The name ‘Casquette’ is the nickname derived from the shape of the case (casket), which we know better as drivers style, i.e. sideview. This is one of the most stylish and beautiful of watches and looks incredible when worn. The signed, curved back makes it sit very comfortably on the wrist.
This is the best Rolled Gold GP I have ever seen it is in superb condition, almost museum quality. The LEDs are burning as bright and steady as the day it was made, showing time, then date, then seconds timer. The case is in amazing condition as is the GP signed bracelet. The watch will fit up to a 8.5 inch wrist.
What makes this particular watch so unique is the detail that comes with it. Everything is there, from the guarantee book to the instructions all in unopened condition, all perfect. Even the plastic holder for all the paperwork is intact and in as new condition.
The outer orange box is as good as new and the very rare casket shaped inner box is complete even down to the original foam packaging. I would be confident in saying that this is the only fully complete Rolled Gold GP available anywhere today that is for sale and to be honest, I have never seen this package anywhere to this extent before.
Of course it is in the PD Book on page 87.


32x40x15mm deep


Price £4200